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 Guardian Enrollment Kit 2018-2019 - Spanish


Disability Benefits Summary

Provided by The Guardian Life Insurance

Company of America

Short Term Disability 

Coverage Amount: Choose weekly amount based on your income. Benefit cannot exceed 60% of your base pay or $1500/week. 

Maximum Payment Period:
 13 Weeks

Accident Benefits Begin: 
Day 1

Illness Benefits Begin: 
Day 8

Guarantee Issue: 

Minimum Work Hours/Week: Plan holder Determines

Pre-Existing Conditions: N/A

Long Term Disability

Case Benefit Consultants, LLC provides long term disability benefits starting 90 days after you become disabled. The coverage amount is 60% of the employee's salary to a maximum of $7,500/month. Please see attached benefits summary for complete details. 

Maximum payment period: Social Security normal retirement age

Guarantee Issue: $7,500 in coverage

Minimum hours/week: 30

Pre-exisitng conditions: 3 months look-back; 12 months after exclusion

Survivor benefit: 3 months

Accident benefits begin: Day 91

Illness benefits begin: Day 91

This site provides a brief summary of your plans; it is not a contract. Please see insurance contracts (available from Human Resources) for complete details and limitations.